Studio Classes

Online Classes - Back in 2022
Online classes will continue in 2022
Online classes are LIVE and via Zoom.   You can book into a class from the /book-classes  page. There are 2 ways of joining the class online, 1 is to click a link in the App 'Access Live' or 2, you will receive a zoom link 20 minutes before the class starts.

Download the ZOOM App,   A Mat or towel on carpet
A cushion for your head
A pair or old tights to use as a band (not needed if you have a band)
A bath towel rolled up (not needed if you have the small ball).
Gym clothes or joggers etc
Feel free to put some relaxing music on yourself in the background.

Updated 17.09.2021

New Booking Platform

Dear students,

We are changing our online booking platform and switching to bsport, the new generation booking platform.

On this occasion, I invite you to follow the instructions below to register on your new application and book your next lessons now.